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Missional Strategy 

2020-2023 ~ Prepared by the 

Mission Action Plan and 

Natural Church Development Committees



Committee Members

Trudi Farquhar (Chair)

Ann and Tom Bell

Cormac Culkeen

The Rev. Suzanne McMillan 

Geoff Matthews

Randy Pagett

Tammie Wickware

Throughout 2020 amid the COVID 19 shutdown members of the MAP/NCD committees got familiar with ZOOM. They met almost every two weeks to engage with the information gathered from parishioners and the NCD results to formulate a Missional Strategy. We are delighted to present the completed documents below. 

The next steps for our success depend on you! Read through the documents, pray and consider where your gifts could best be applied. Then roll up your sleeves and join in the missional work of the parish. 

Everyone is welcome to this work! If you are excited about something All Saints' is doing then you are invited to participate. 

             Click the photos for a 4-page summary                                              Click the photo for the complete strategy.





Committee Strategies


Click photo for the

Youth and Family Ministry MAP

Click photo for the

Social Justice and Advocacy MAP

Click photo for the

Leadership Team MAP

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