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There are different groups of women in the life of Jesus the Christ: women who were healed by Jesus physically and spiritually, women who followed Jesus and provided for his ministry, obscure women whom Jesus noticed, and the women who are his family. Over the five weeks of Lent we will explore the stories of these women of faith asking ourselves - 

What are they saying to us in our time and space? 

Not all the stories of the women we explore in this study take place in the last week of Jesus’ earthly life. That is because it is the whole of his public ministry that leads to Holy Week and what we refer to as the Passion of Christ. 

Throughout Lent we will Meet the Women of the Passion. Who knows, we might learn something about ourselves, and more importantly about the Divine? 

March 9 ~ What is LENT and how do we journey through it? 


March 16 ~ Women who are Family ~ Mary the Mother of Jesus, Mary and Martha


March 23 ~ Obscure Women  ~ Peter’s mother-in-law, the woman who touched Jesus’ garment, daughter of Jairus, widows, the woman bent over and crippled


March 30 ~ Women as Disciples ~ Mary Magdalene, the woman at the well in Samaria, the Syrophoenician woman, women (named and unnamed) who anointed Jesus’s feet


April 6 ~ The Women in Holy Week & Women as the First Witnesses to the Resurrection ~ Pilate’s Wife, Caiaphas’ maidservants who challenge Peter, the women of Jerusalem

Other Study Resources 

Click on the image above for this exciting resource. Hug the Details will help you record your thoughts and questions. 


Reading Theologically is a bit different than reading your favorite novel. Click on the image above for some hints and tips. 

Links to other resources.

Scripture - There are many different translations and paraphrases of the scripture. Reading the same scripture verses from different translations is an excellent way to hear more from the sacred text.       

Bible Gateway 

Mindful Christianity - this is a website that has all kinds of articles about all scripture and Christian thought. 

Richard Rohr is a Roman Catholic theologian and priest who is also the founder of the Centre for Action and Contemplation. You can sign up for his excellent daily meditation, and access other resources by clicking here.

Previous Studies 

We begin 2022 with an exploration of the Covenants. 

Jan 19, 26, Feb 2, 9, 16 and 23

7pm via ZOOM

Meeting ID: 878 6518 1408

Passcode: 403703

Click the image to the right for the resource. 


Click on the study below for a PDF of the resource. We have completed the first three promises, but the resource is available for your personal use. 

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