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Black History Month
Black History Month

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Choral Scholars

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Black History Month
Black History Month

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Loving ~ Liberating ~ Life Giving 

All Saints’ is
           A Worshipping Community, Celebrating God
           A Compassionate Community, Mirroring Christ
           A Community of Light, Revealing the Spirit

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Everyone is Welcome! 
Join us Sundays
Holy Communion
8 am & 10 am
6th Sunday after Epiphany

Sunday, February 12th

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February is

Black History Month

This year the Diocese will engage with parishes and roll out the Anti-Racism ~ Anti-Bias training. This is mandatory for all parishes to participate in, and why wouldn't it be? After all, we are in the relationship and reconciliation business. We have not yet received dates from the Diocese but we can engage in the work beforehand. 


February is Black History Month and I offer the compelling story of a little community named Priceville, right here in Ontario. Priceville was a thriving Black community - until it wasn't. Below are three links to the shameful history of Priceville's demise. I encourage you to read the article and watch the two videos - one is only 5 minutes, and the other is an hour documentary. We have a responsibility to the gospel to ensure that the value of every human person is recognized. 


Speakers for the Dead – 1 hour documentary


Priceville, ON – 5 minute You Tube about Priceville


CBC ideas Article - Ontario's Priceville was a small, thriving Black community — until it wasn't

What's Happening  

Community Meals
Friday Evenings from 5 pm - 7 pm
Next date: February 17th

All are welcome!


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