Intelligent Faith

In the All Saints' community we foster and nurture a deeper understanding of our faith and traditions, and encourage the ability to describe and live out the gospel in our daily lives within the communities in which we live, work, and play. This is achieved through study, worship, active participation in the work of the gospel, and in the life passages or rituals of baptism, confirmation, marriage and burial. 

Baptism, Confirmation and Reaffirmation

Sunday,  Nov 17 

One service at 9:30am

Visit from Bishop Riscylla Shaw. 

If you are interested in baptism, confirmation, or reaffirmation please speak to the Rev. Samantha Caravan.

 Baptism is the outward and visible sign of a desire to follow in the life pattern of Jesus the Christ. Whether the commitment is made by parents, or self, the ritual is a public welcome into an intentional life of faith. Questions are asked and answered, water is blessed and poured, and the newly baptized are sealed with sacred oil and the mark of the cross. Alongside this, the community makes promises to uphold and support the newly baptized in their life of faith. If you are interested in baptism for a child, or for yourself please contact the Rev Samantha Caravan at, or call the church office 705.876.1501

 Confirmation is an opportunity for those who were baptized as children to make their own public declaration of faith. Confirmation instruction is tailored to each seeker, and includes conversation about how the confirmand will live out their faith within the community. Confirmation is offered when the Area Bishop visits the parish.  If you are interested in confirmation please contact the Rev Samantha Caravan at, or call the church office 705.876.1501

 Marriage is a sacred covenant between two people who are committing to sharing their life together.  Marriage preparation instruction is required, and a valid marriage license from the province is mandatory. Currently All Saints' is permitted to bless same-sex marriages, we regret that we do not yet have permission to marry same-sex couples.  If you are interested in being married at All Saints' please contact the Rev Samantha Caravan at, or call the church office 705.876.1501

 Burial and Funerals - First, let us express our heartfelt sympathy for your loss. We are here to assist you in anyway we can.  For immediate assistance and pastoral care call the Rev Samantha Caravan at 647.444.3456

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