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***There will be one Sunday Service at 0930am from July 3 to Spetember 4 inclusive.***

Ontario Youth Choir (Peterborough): Fresh Voices

WHEN: Saturday, 20 August 2016 from 7:30 PM to 9:30 PM (EDT)

WHERE: All Saints' Anglican Church-235 Rubidge Street, Peterborough, ON

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September 24 & 25: Listening to the Spirit Gathered Together as the Body of Christ. Click here.





The Bishop's Commission regarding the future direction of the Anglican/Lutheran parishes in Peterborough.

Following the Town Hall meeting on June 19th (see * below for details), the Commission met to consider the feedback from all 5 congregations. Below please find the revised Commission Report dated June 30, 2016.

Commission Report – June 30, 2016. – Click here.

Please provide comments/feedback to anyone of the following All Saints’ Commission team members.

Thank you.

Lois MacVichie: jmacvichie@persona.ca

Geoff Matthews: mattysworld@hotmail.ca

Dave Watton: dwatton@cogeco.ca


Town Hall Meeting Held on June 19, 2016.

The purpose of this meeting was to discuss, have input and enter into conversation with our commission members.

LINKS to the June 19 Report & Appendices:

Memo from the Commission

Comment Sheet

Slide presentation

Draft Interim Report

Appendix 1

Appendices 2 & 3



Thank you.

Lois MacVichie: jmacvichie@persona.ca

Geoff Matthews: mattysworld@hotmail.ca

Dave Watton: dwatton@cogeco.ca


***From the Peterborough Churches Covenant Commission ***


Special message from Geoff Howson, Incumbent of All Saints'

Minutes of January 6th Meeting - Click here

Minutes of January 13th Meeting - Click here

Minutes of January 20th Meeting - Click here

Minutes of January 27th Meeting - Click here

Minutes of February 3rd Meeting - Click here

Minutes of February 11th Meeting - Click here

Minutes of March 2nd Meeting - Click here

Minutes of March 9th Meeting - Click here

Minutes of March 16th Meeting - Click here

Minutes of March 23rd Meeting - Click here

Minutes of March 30th Meeting - Click here

Minutes of April 6th Meeting - click here

Minutes of April 13th Meeting - Click here

Minutes of April 20th Meeting - Click here

Minutes of May 11th Meeting - Click here

Minutes of May 18th Meeting - Click here

Minutes of May25th Meeting - Click here

Minutes of May 30th Meeting - Click here

May 30, 2016: Points to share with congregations:

*Consultations will be held with the Covenant Council, Clergy, Advisory Boards/Parish Councils, wardens before the release of the Draft Preliminary Options
*The Commission determined that the Draft Preliminary Options will be available to congregations June 12, in both paper and electronic copies
*The Draft report will be written by the end of June

Minutes of June 22nd meeting - Click here

Point to share - June 27 - Click here


Information items from the Commission (March 30, 2016) - Click here

Update from Commission Meeting (April 6) - Click here

Points to share from Commission (APRIL-2016) - Click here

Feedback report from April 17 Town Hall - Click here


Spiritual Context for the Commission - Jan/Feb 2016. Click here

Initial collection of information on Resources & Ministry. Click here

All Saints' Representatives are:

Geoff Matthews, Lois MacVichie and Dave Watton.

Commission Workplan - Jan 13, 2016

Click here to see the Terms of Reference for the Commission.



One Roof Community Diner

There will be a Special Vestry on June 26th immediatley following the 10:30 Sservice to seek approval for the One Roof Community Diner continuing as a missional outreach project at All Saints' in partnership with the City of Peterborough. Below are reports etc that all parishioners are encouraged to read before the 26th.

***The meeting approved the continuation of the One Roof Community Diner motion with over 75% in favour.***

Three Month Review Report - June 2106

Guest Survey

Volunteer Survey


The following motion will be presented by the Wardens at the Special Vestry Meeting on June 26, 2016 following 10:30 service:

“Whereas the City of Peterborough is considering issuing a Request for Proposal (RFP) for the One Roof Community Diner along with other similar programs; and

Whereas the decision as to the future of the five Anglican-Lutheran Peterborough churches will not be made until at least September, 2016;

Be it resolved that All Saints’ approve the continuation of its sponsorship of the One Roof Community Diner for at least one additional year, namely, September 2016 – August, 2017 subject to meeting the requirements of the City and Fire Department.”


+++Please click here for more detailed information on the "One Roof Community Diner" which started at All Saints' on February 29.+++

Chex News story about the "One Roof Communitu Diner" Click here



Medical Assistance in Dying.

In Sure and Certain Hope: Resources to Assist Pastoral and Theological Approaches
to Physician Assisted Dying
Faith, Worship and Ministry Task Force. Click Here.



Archbishop Johnson's Pastoral letter - March 3, 2016

Statement from the House of Bishops from its Special Meeting

Article in the Episcopal News Service regarding same sex marriage. Click here

‘THIS HOLY ESTATE’ The Report of the Commission on the Marriage Canon of the Anglican Church of Canada


The following comments/responses might be helpful:

Primate Fred Hiltz: Click here.

Andrew McGowan at Berkeley Divinity School at Yale: Click here.

The Living Church - Primate 2016: Click here

Primate Fred Hiltz - Click here

The Archbishop of Canterbury reflects on last week’s Primates’ Meeting - Click Here


Layreaders and Intercessors: Please check out "Leading Prayers in Church" under "Our Ministries -> Layreaders, Intercessors,..."



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All Saints’ is a welcoming faith community that affirms and celebrates the diversity of God’s people respecting the dignity of every human being.  Equal opportunity and respect exists for all.  We value your unique spiritual journey whether you are a newcomer, seeker or doubter.  We respect the opinion, leadership and participation of all regardless of gender, age or sexual orientation. If you are looking for a church that is inclusive, tolerant, respectful and celebrates all God’s people please visit or contact us.  If you are looking for a church of acceptance with opportunity for spiritual nurture, growth and service then All Saints’ may be the home for you.  

We provide a spiritual oasis of comfort for refreshment and renewal.  All Saints’ is an historic church in the heart of the Peterborough with members from all over the region and from a variety of faith backgrounds. We are known for uplifting and meaningful choral worship services. We offer opportunities for spiritual nurture, education and growth.  We provide enjoyable and fun social occasions to better know each other.

All Saints' also challenges us to better serve our neighbour by attempting to live as people of integrity and faith.  We follow the example of Jesus to nurture and serve all God’s people. We attempt to discover where God is active beyond the church.  We strive to create new opportunities for connecting in service with our neighbourhood and the neighbourhoods in which we all live.  We are concerned with those who are marginalized, impoverished and experience injustice.  We are engaged in ways to renew and re-strategize our mission.

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Church's Location:
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Office hours: 2 PM to 6 PM - Monday to Friday.

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08:30 AM Holy Eucharist (said Eucharist)

10:30 AM Choral Eucharist
Note: Choral Mattins at the 10:30 service on the 5th Sunday

Summer: 1 servive @ 09:30

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