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*** The Special Vestry was held in the Parish Hall this morning (November 12). After prayers, reading of and the moving and seconding the motion*, there was a period for clarification of questions from members of the congregation.

Following the approval of a motion to "put the question", the ballots were collected.

The results are as follows:

# of members registering to vote = 129

# voting for the motion = 21

# voting against the motion = 107

1 spoiled ballot.

The meeting ended with prayer, a motion to destroy the ballots and adjournment. ***

*Be it resolved that;  
We, the Vestry of All Saints’ Anglican Church (Peterborough), amalgamate with the churches of the Peterborough Covenant to form a new parish at the site of the present St John the Evangelist Anglican Church.


VOTING At the Special Vestry meeting




Registration will be in the Upper Parish Hall from 8:30 until 9:15 AND immediately after the 9:30 a.m. Worship S ervice.

Voting will commence after:

1. Opening prayer,
2. The motion is made and seconded.
. Following the moving and seconding of the motion there will be a time for questions of clarification, and speaking to the motion.
Once the question is called and accepted, the vote will take place.

Results of the vote will be shared with the assembly.

5. Closing Prayer and Dismissal


There will be a Special Vestry Meeting at 11:00 AM on Sunday, November 12, 2017 to consider the following Motion:


Whereas Over the period of five years, the members of the Peterborough Covenant Churches (All Saints Anglican, Christ Lutheran, St Barnabas Anglican, St John the Evangelist Anglican and St Luke Anglican) have discerned together, in the midst of a changing world, a calling of the Holy Spirit to be church in new, creative and missional ways.


Be it resolved that;  
We, the Vestry of All Saints’ Anglican Church (Peterborough), amalgamate with the churches of the Peterborough Covenant to form a new parish at the site of the present St John the Evangelist Anglican Church.

Note 1: this motion will be considered and voted on at all five parishes. The wording is from the Diocese.

Note 2: The Diocese does not permit proxies, so we cannot accept them . Please consider the following as a rationale for not allowing proxy voting:
Organizations have meetings – so members can meet face to face, discuss the issues, and arrive at a reasonable agreement through a vote. Members often come to meetings thinking that their minds are made up about certain issues, but after hearing the discussion, they change their minds and vote differently. Proxies remove that process.

Note 3: Due to the fact that the same Motion is being considered and voted on by all five parishes, no ammendments will be allowed.


In order to sign in and receive a ballot, a person makes the following Declaration when they sign-in.

"I solemnly declare that I have been a member of the Anglican Church of Canada and of this congregation for at least three (3) months, that I have attended regularly scheduled services of worship with this congregation at least three (3) times in the past year, that I am of the full age of sixteen (16) years and that I have not voted as a member of any other vestry during the previous three (3) months, nor do I intend to vote in any other vestry during the ensuing year".

If you wish to determine if you are on our Parish List, a copy of the current list is posted on the Notice Board outside the office. Alternatively, you can call the office and they will check the list for you.


Feedback from the October 15th Parish Discussions

Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ:

Thanks to all of you who joined the discussion after Church on October 15. We were very pleased with the turnout and participation by everyone.

Attached are the following files (click on the title to view the document):

  1. Parish discussion on October 15, 2017 – a summary of the comments made in the small groups.
  2. A summary of our attendance and financial situation.

If you have any questions or comments or simply want to talk about it, please contact Pastor Jim.

Blessings and Grace to you all.

Pastor Jim Halmarson


A Pastoral Letter from Bishop Shaw - Oct. 22, 2017 click here


October 15, 2017

Thanks to all who participated in the Parish Discussions related to the future of All Saints' and the other Anglican-Lutheran churches in Peterborough.

A summary of the comments from each group is being prepared and will be distributed to all members of the Parish - hopefully later this week.


Document handed out by Bishop Shaw on Oct 1 & 2. Click here.

A Letter from Bishop Riscylla Shaw

September 12, 2017
Dear Sisters and Brothers in Christ,

Grace to you and peace this day in the name of Jesus.

Thank you for your long patience in awaiting the decision on the future of the four Anglican Churches and one Lutheran church in The City of Peterborough.

I look forward to sharing this decision and engaging in conversation with you at these two gatherings:

Sunday October 1st 3pm light luncheon at All Saints Anglican and

Monday October 2nd 6pm supper at St. John’s.

You are welcome to attend one or both of these gatherings which will be a Eucharist together and breaking bread together.

This conversation will continue in your individual congregations and at Anglican special vestry meetings and the Lutheran congregational meeting to follow.

Please continue to pray for this process.

With gratitude,

Bishop Riscylla Shaw                        



Peterborough Lutheran/Anglican Churches Web Sites:

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St. Luke's Anglican


The Future of the Peterborough Anglican/Lutheran Churches: Please go to "About Us -> The Ptbo Churches-A Covenant"


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All Saints’ is a welcoming faith community that affirms and celebrates the diversity of God’s people respecting the dignity of every human being.  Equal opportunity and respect exists for all.  We value your unique spiritual journey whether you are a newcomer, seeker or doubter.  We respect the opinion, leadership and participation of all regardless of gender, age or sexual orientation. If you are looking for a church that is inclusive, tolerant, respectful and celebrates all God’s people please visit or contact us.  If you are looking for a church of acceptance with opportunity for spiritual nurture, growth and service then All Saints’ may be the home for you.  

We provide a spiritual oasis of comfort for refreshment and renewal.  All Saints’ is an historic church in the heart of the Peterborough with members from all over the region and from a variety of faith backgrounds. We are known for uplifting and meaningful choral worship services. We offer opportunities for spiritual nurture, education and growth.  We provide enjoyable and fun social occasions to better know each other.

All Saints' also challenges us to better serve our neighbour by attempting to live as people of integrity and faith.  We follow the example of Jesus to nurture and serve all God’s people. We attempt to discover where God is active beyond the church.  We strive to create new opportunities for connecting in service with our neighbourhood and the neighbourhoods in which we all live.  We are concerned with those who are marginalized, impoverished and experience injustice.  We are engaged in ways to renew and re-strategize our mission.

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