Godly Worship


Worship is one of the central acts of people of faith and, we offer varied and different ways to worship. All are meaningful and valid and no one type or kind of worship is more important than the other. We gather together, we are nurtured by the scripture, we sing, we pray, we listen, and we converse. All Saints' is home to those of conservative theology and liberal or progressive theology alike. Everyone is welcome to participate fully. The most difficult visit to any place of worship is always the first one. If you are visiting with us for the first time and are not sure which service to attend, give Samantha a call. As the priest-in-charge Samantha will be happy to chat with you and try to answer any and all questions you may have. Samantha can be reached at 647-444-3456. 

Try out more than one type of worship service to get a sense of the activities and priorities of our community. In an effort to make you feel welcome, our service leaflet includes everything you will need to participate. If you feel unsure of how to participate, someone is always there to help. If you need to blend in, people will give you your space. There are people in this community who for all of their 90 plus years have called All Saints' home, while others are brand new, and others who are still exploring. Wherever you are on your faith journey, you are welcome here. Come on home, the Divine already knows your name, and we would like to learn it. 

All public worship is temporarily suspended.

There are resources and links to online worship services

on our At Home Resources page. 

Worship times


8:30am ~ If you like a quiet and a contemplative atmosphere then this service may be for you. The said communion service is about 45 minutes long. There is no music, everything is spoken word. The service is followed by a brief, yet friendly cup of tea or coffee at the back of the church. 

10:30am ~ For about one hour we escape the world and immerse ourselves in a communion service filled with prayer, scripture, and music.  This service is a great place to introduce children to a life of faithful worship. We have made a child friendly space near the front of our church and as children learn to read they are welcome to participate as readers in the liturgy. Children and young people are not the future of the church, they are full members of the church.  We are commited to worship that is diverse, engaging and meaningful. 


10am ~ Every Thursday morning we gather to hear the ancient words of our faith tradition as we worship using the Book of Common Prayer.  This is a quiet said service, with a conversation instead of a sermon, and is followed by tea and delicious homemade goodies. Whether this is your preferred service, or whether its new to you - everyone is welcome.

Thank God! It's Friday!  - During the Covid 19 restrictions TGIF will be on Zoom! Click here to be redirected to the At Home Resource page and this weeks link. 

6pm Friday evenings in the Upper Parish Hall.

Join us as we create a sacred space for a new worshipping community to grow. We will begin at 6pm with dinner, and will celebrate Communion together at 7pm. Good food, excellent conversation about how our faith and our daily lives meet, music, prayer, and the sacred meal of communion. Everyone is welcome, come as you are! 

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