Mission Quest becomes Mission Action Plan (MAP)

I have been asked this morning to provide you with an update about Mission Quest, and then Samantha is going to introduce you to an exciting new initiative being launched today, here at All Saints’. Many of you will recall that after we voted “No” to amalgamating with St. John’s, we created a program called “Mission Quest”, which was made up of ideas from YOU, our congregation, to give us a fresh, new start. After only a couple of years, I am very pleased to say that there have been 7 programs that were developed and implemented as a result of Mission Quest, and several others have been referred to our property committee for follow up.

  1. The “Seekers Group” is alive and well!
  2. You must remember our “Swing Night”!
  3. We now have strong partnerships with the Kawartha Youth Orchestra and the YWCA
  4. Our Community Garden is growing strong!
  5. We now have regular Bible Studies
  6. And, our kitchen now meets the Fire Code!

And, if you are interested, the full list including their status, is posted on our website.

I would like to take this opportunity to say many, many thanks to everyone who contributed

their ideas, and their time and energy towards the success of these programs. I would also like to thank the Wardens, Heritage Trust, and the Mission Quest Steering Committee for all their support and hard work. It is now time is to recalibrate, and focus on some new opportunities. With Pastor Samantha’s leadership, we are expanding our committee to include Judy Mills, Cormac Culkeen and Tammie Wickware. And today, we are launching a new program to create a MAP for our future. The first step of this program, is to talk with YOU, to understand where YOU are now, and where YOU would like All Saints’ to be in the future. Throughout December and January, we will be reaching out to you in many different ways, both individually and in various groups, to encourage your input through discussions and thoughtful reflection. We have posted some questions in the Parish Hall on flip charts and on each table, and we encourage you to talk with your table mates and friends after each service, to jot down your thoughts and pass them along to us. Once we have collected all of your input, we will summarize everything in time for Vestry, along with our next steps. We hope you will take this opportunity to share your thoughts and ideas so we can continue to plan our future together. If you have any questions, please feel free to connect with any of the committee members: Pastor Samantha, Suzanne McMillan Cormac Culkeen, Tammie Wickware, ,Ann Bell, Judy Mills, Randy Pagett, and Trudi Farquhar (Chair).