Jesus calls us to be good neighbours and seek justice for all. In the Spirit of that command we, the parishioners of All Saints’, seek to be Missional in our Outreach.  Which “simply” means…..taking God to the people! Being His presence in the midst of this chaotic world.

Our goal is to walk alongside our neighbours, all those we meet on a given day, attempt to understand their journey, assure them of our support and advocate for those unable to advocate for themselves.

Doing the Lord’s work is rewarding. That’s what this is…..the Lord’s work. Begin today! Think beyond yourself, commit your time, energy and gifts to help another find their way, finish school, get a job or feed their family. It will change you and those you seek to help!

Our desire at All Saints’ is to open doors, be inclusive, welcoming, help people discover community, the gifts they possess and ultimately through these things the presence of the Lord in their midst.

Current and planned initiatives

There are many initiatives in our Parish that you might like to participate in.

  • We have a FOOD BOX program thru NOURISH, a YWCA program, available to all low income people in the neighbourhood for a very reasonable price. Details on the side Bulletin Board on how to order your box. All Saints is the “pick up” spot for the boxes twice a month. We collect food for KAWARTHA FOOD SHARE on the first Sunday of the month and deliver it to the depot the following week. We always need volunteers to help with this project.
  • The “ONE ROOF DINER” (operating out of St. John’s Anglican Church) feeds the hungry seven days a week and welcomes volunteers to help with this very busy program
  • We offer a Men’s Breakfast at All Saints’ every other month on a Saturday morning and invite other Parishes to join us for a time of fellowship, food and an interesting speaker who without fail always broadens our world view.
  • We have recently begun a weekly home study group called “The Seekers” who gather to share their interpretation of the scripture and as a group often come to a clearer and more enlightened understanding of the “Word”. Why not join the conversation! All are welcome.
  • We are in negotiations at present to look at the feasibility of beginning, at All Saints’, a Vocal Music Academy for children in the area who have few resources to participate in such a program.
  • We are presently looking at the feasibility of beginning Family Cooking Workshops for Moms and Dads and their children in the neighbourhood who are in need of quality time together to bond , talk, share a meal, cook together and learn about healthy food choices. This would be a partnership with NOURISH, a YWCA program.
  • For those who love to garden, here is an opportunity you won’t want to miss…. in the summer time we help our Stewart Street neighbours with their community Garden. We rent one of their garden plots, hoe, plant, weed and harvest alongside them while sharing the produce with folks in the neighbourhood.
  • We have a very active group of Anglican Church Women, who generously support local social agencies through their largest fundraising effort, the All Saints’ Easter Eggs. Thousands are created every year by our faithful church women bringing well needed revenue into the Church. God Bless them each and every one!
  • Also if you play an instrument or love to sing….our choir is the place for you! Speak to our choir Master, Syd…. he will be delighted to have a conversation with you.

Jesus longs for our friendship and support in serving our brothers and sisters in Christ….please join us in an area that interests you!