In early 2018 the Parish took part in a Mission/Ministry review with a view to enhancing our outreach to the community and to better meet the needs of our parish family. Several proposals were presented at a gathering of the parish.

All proposals will be reviewed and costed before.

Mission Quest has approved Plants for People, a project to purchase and tend a plot in the Stewart Street Community Garden.  The goal is to raise vegetables that can be shared with people in our church neighbourhood. An additional benefit is helping people in the community tend their gardens,  as well as a chance for people at All Saints to interact with each other and with our neighbours while working in the garden.  We would love to include more people from All Saints. If you can help out for a couple of hours every two weeks, you would help the garden, help the neighbours and enjoy the rewards of working together to provide fresh food for people who need it. The plot has been weeded and turned over already.  Help  is needed to keep the weeds away and to plant the garden.  Please contact the Church Office if you can help. 707-876-1501

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5 Dec 2019

Mission Quest becomes Mission Action Plan (MAP)

I have been asked this morning to provide you with an update about Mission Quest, and then Samantha is going to introduce you to an exciting new initiative...