The sacrament of holy matrimony is well known. The church believes that marriage is part of God’s purpose for mankind and that in a lifelong community of self-giving love, human sexuality reflects the mystery of divine love. The ideal environment for the nurture of children is a family where the husband and wife give themselves to each other in love.


The church tries to provide careful pastoral preparation for marriage. In human terms a church wedding affirms the permanence and fullness of the commitment, and the completeness of the mutual giving and sharing. In sacramental terms the marriage, which of course continues long after the wedding ceremony, is a sign of the divine self-giving love and is sustained by that love. The wedding is supported by the love and prayers of the Christian community, which in turn benefits from the renewing experience of being reminded of the vows, standards, and blessings of Christian marriage. If possible, a wedding should take place in the context of the Eucharist.

The Celebration and Blessing of your Marriage will be something you will remember forever. We hope All Saints’ will provide everything you need to make your wedding ceremony a truly memorable event. Throughout this preparation time try to remember it’s a “marriage” we are celebrating, not simply the wedding itself.everything we can to make your wedding ceremony a truly memorable event.

We welcome the opportunity to preside at the weddings of both All Saints’ members and those desiring to become members, including same-sex couples.

Your wedding day is an important moment in your new life together.

There a number of planning details that need to be considered such as:

Preparation for Marriage; Decorating the Church; Music; Photography; Fees, etc.

For more information, please contact the Clergy through the Church office (705-876-1501)