Death is something that many don’t like to talk about, and yet the reality is that not only will each of us die, we will, during our life, have to encounter and live through the deaths of many people, possibly including those very close to us. We trust that through our Grief and Funeral Support services which are firmly rooted in our Christian faith, we can provide assistance and comfort to you.

Has someone just died?

When someone has just died clergy are available to meet with the family to provide grief support and to begin the preparation for a funeral service. We offer a traditional funeral service, a more contemporary service or a memorial service. The service will follow a basic Anglican liturgy but you will be able to personalize it with readings, music and a time of thanksgiving. We have a musical director available to provide a wide selection of accompaniment. We also have rooms available for a reception following the service.

Would you like some help in the weeks and months following a death?

Clergy are always available to meet with you as you grieve. We offer help from a Christian perspective which is realistic of the pain and hopefulness in Christ. We are able to make referrals if necessary to grief counsellors or support groups. As well as personal support, All Saints’provides a year long bereavement support program through four booklets Journeying Through Grief that are sent out at regular intervals.

Christmas is often a difficult time of year, when many memories and losses become real again. Knowing this we offer “A Christmas Service of Light” which is a reflective service the week before Christmas during which we remember those who have died.

Would you like to pre-plan a funeral?

Many families greatly appreciate when members have taken the time to pre-plan their funeral. An individual or a whole family can do this. It can be done years in advance or in the final weeks of life. It allows for a very personal touch to the service which family especially will appreciate when the time comes. It allows you to communicate clearly with your family around your desires for music, readings, participation in the service, reception and designated gifts. We would be pleased to assist you if this is an option you would like to pursue.

For more information on any Grief or Funeral Support services, please contact the Clergy through the Church office (705-876-1501).