At each annual meeting of the vestry two (2) Churchwardens shall be designated. One (1) shall be appointed by the Incumbent of the parish in which the church is situated, and the other shall be elected by the lay members of the vestry present.

Powers & Duties (Canon 15)

  1. The Churchwardens are a corporation with perpetual succession under the name “The Churchwardens of the Church of All Saints’  shall represent the interests of such church and of its members.
  2. The Incumbent and Churchwardens shall act jointly in matters concerning the use of the church buildings and grounds.
  3. The Churchwardens after consultation with the Incumbent are empowered to appoint and terminate the appointment of the Sexton, the Organist, the Vestry Clerk, the Treasurer, and any other subordinate lay officers of the Church.
  4. The Churchwardens shall present a financial report for the previous calendar year to the vestry at its annual meeting.
  5. The Churchwardens shall have custody and shall keep full and accurate accounts of all assets, liabilities, receipts and disbursements of the church.
  6. The Churchwardens shall be responsible for overseeing the disbursement of all monies of the vestry.

The current wardens are:

Rector’s Warden: Curtis Bryan
Peoples’ Warden: Graham Hart
Deputy Warden: Barry Greensides
Deputy Warden: Tammie Wickware

Curtis Bryan
Graham Hart
Barry Greensides