The Parish Advisory Board is dealt with in Canon 17 of the Diocese of Toronto. The Advisory Board at All Saints’ is composed of:

  1. The Incumbent and Deacons
  2. The Churchwardens
  3. The Deputy Churchwardens, if any
  4. The Treasurer
  5. The Lay Members of Synod elected by Vestry
  6. Vestry Clerk
  7. Representatives from:
    1. Heritage Trust
    2. Prayer Chain
    3. Mission Quest
    4. Media (Web Site, Facebook)
    5. Property Committee
    6. The Doris Fund
    7. Choir
    8. ACW
    9. Library
    10. Stewardship Committee
    11. Worship Committee
    12. Chancel Guild
    13. ACW
    14. Sidespeople
    15. Missional Committee

The duties of the Board shall be to perform such duties as may be delegated to it by the vestry, the Incumbent or the Churchwardens, and to act in an advisory capacity to the Incumbent and Churchwardens as follows:

  1. To receive from the Churchwardens at least quarterly a written financial statement and a report on all parish matters of importance and to make recommendations thereon.
  2. To receive the budget to be submitted at the annual meeting of the vestry as prepared, after consultation with the Incumbent, by the Churchwardens, and to make recommendations thereon.
  3. To make recommendations on any other matters affecting the parochial and extra-parochial responsibilities of the parish.