History of the Heritage Trust Fund

The Heritage Trust Fund was created by Special Vestry Meeting on October 20, 1991.  The purpose of the Trust Fund was “to enable All Saints’ to continue its work as God’s agent in nurturing and promoting His work through the Church in the community” by “attracting funds for this work” and “holding and administering those gifts of money and other property” which are specified or understood to be included in the Trust.

Following the establishment of the Trust, funds have been received through bequests and donations, as well as through some fundraising projects.

These funds have been used to support the church in many ways.  Improvements to the church include the completion of the tower, a number of stained glass windows, pointing and painting of the church, new lighting, and a new sound system.  The music program has been supported with funds for choral scholars, new gowns, new music and maintenance of the organ.  Since the Trust was established, funds have been provided for several programs such as a summer children’s program, an artist-in-residence, an archivist, a children’s ministry, and the Missional Transformation Program.  Funds have been used to provide or upgrade worship vestments and chancel furnishings.  In addition, funds have supported projects in our community such as the Stewart Street Park and the Homeward Bound project for single mothers as well as contributing to the work of the church beyond Peterborough through Faithworks and Compass Rose.

On Dec. 8, 2013 a Special Vestry was held to approve revised Policies and Procedures for the Heritage Trust.

The Heritage Trust Committee* consists of the two Corporation Church Wardens, and three members elected by Vestry*. The Rector and the Church Treasurer are non-voting ex-officio members.  The committee meets at least four times a year and reports to the Vestry annually.

Any member of Vestry or any Parish Organization may apply for funds.

Details on the procedures for the committee and how to apply for funds are found in the 2013 Policy & Procedure.

2019-2019 Committee members

Wardens: Curtis Bryan and Graham Hart

Elected: Isabel Henniger, Judy Mills, and Ann Bell

Non-voting: Rector, Church Treasurer