A Message from our new Priest, The Reverend Samantha Caravan

I am delighted to be appointed your Priest in Charge and am looking forward to learning not only who you are – your name, but also the circumstance and story of your life and faith.  I bring 15 years of parish experience and 20 years of corporate experience to the ministry of All Saints’.  I am very excited about the possibility of using my experience in a new context as we engage in the mission of God in our midst in Peterborough.  I am looking forward to hearing and learning of the breadth and depth of the various distinctive and diverse ministries within All Saints’.  I am compelled by a deep and abiding desire for social justice and furthering of the work already undertaken in our Church regarding the inclusivity of all people; the creation of a Church that is truly accessible physically, socially, and intellectually; the equality of the human person; and concerns for our First Nation siblings.  I am committed to the development of our faith life through worship, study, prayer, and action.